Scott Hamilton is a television commercial, corporate video, and multi-award winning short filmmaker. His works have been shown on broadcast tv in Australia, the UK and the US, as well as various international film festivals. He is also a feature film screenwriter.


Highlights of his extensive festival screenings include:

- Academy Award qualifying festivals:

Seattle International Film Festival, Palm Springs International ShortFest, Japan’s Short Shorts Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, St. Kilda Film Festival.

- International genre favourites and prestigious international festivals:

Screamfest Horror Film Festival, Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, Brisbane International Film Festival.




As a feature film writer, Scott's screenplays have placed highly at a number of prestigious screenwriting competitions.

Bad Moon Rising:

Scott’s highly publicised werewolf short film is currently being developed into a feature film. For more information, and to watch the short film, click here.


Bad Moon Rising movie concept art 01b


Other Short Films:

Please click a film poster below to watch the entire film at VIMEO.


A group of young filmmakers set out to win a prestigious short film festival by following the rules of “arty” filmmaking, which apparently include looking cheap, full-frontal male nudity and a singing viking.

The Highwayman:

On a deserted stretch of highway in the Australian outback, a drifter and serial killer are about to cross paths. Has chance brought them together, or has fate played a part in them meeting?

Me, Myself & I: The Story of a Self-Man:

Jim Solomon is a self-man - a rugby player who never passes the ball, always goes himself and spells team with a capital 'I'. His very name strikes fear into the hearts of his own teammates, for he is a glory hound, a fame seeker and in his mind the single greatest player to ever step foot on a football field. This is his story.

Letter to Annabelle:

As judgement day unveils its final act, a husband tormented with living a life alone, clutches on to his past the only way he knows how; by writing one last love letter.